A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Ralph Lauren 35mm 867 In Steel Replica Watch

At SIHH 2018 Ralph Lauren replica watches released an important new version of the Ralph Lauren 867 collection in a 35mm wide square case. This for me is the first version of the 867 collection that I consider appropriate for men, and it's also the best value in the collection so far from a price perspective. Let me give a small bit of history related to the 867 replica watch collection so far. A few years ago Ralph Lauren debuted the 867 replica watch collection as a testament to Mr. Lauren's appreciation of the Art Deco aesthetic as applied to timepieces. He was trying to go for a smaller look and the brand believed that there would be a growing market for men to wear smaller replica watches. It didn't quite work out that way. NOTE: these replica watches are pre-production prototypes and have cosmetic and quality issues (such as paint on the hands) which are not representative of final retail models.

I actually remember the conversation at the meeting with Ralph Lauren a handful of years ago when I was informed "the fashion press feels that smaller men's replica watches will become popular." At 27.5mm wide (which was the original size of the first version of the square 867 replica watch) I recall thinking to myself "there is no friggin' way even the fashion authority can convince men to wear such small sizes." Turns out I was right and Ralph Lauren eventually pivoted the 867 collection replica watches for women. Later, a 32mm wide size of the 867 replica watch was released, but it was still merely a medium to large-sized women's replica watch. At 35mm wide, and available on a handsome-looking bracelet, Ralph Lauren finally has the men's 867 collection swiss replica watch they were originally aiming for. The 35mm Ralph Lauren 867 men's replica watches come in four different versions, including two dials, case finishing styles, and strap options. They are the black dialed on leather strap reference RLR0150700, white dialed on leather strap RLR0150701, black dialed on steel bracelet RLR0150000, and the white dialed on steel bracelet RLR0150001. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any wrist shots even though I did spend a good deal of time with the replica watches taking beauty shots. At 35mm wide these replica watches sound petite, but I recommend you check out the width of your average Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Consider for instance that a Cartier Santos (the largest version) is 38mm wide. On the bracelet with the wide-spaced lugs.