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Everybody Wants The Awesome And Cool Breitling Avenger Hurricane Replica Watch

In the horological industry, we have seen the rise of big, masculine watches during the last decade or so. As usual, there are varying opinions on this: some of the collectors think that such watches are stylish and awesome, while others might feel that it is too brash and ridiculous. The popular Breitling replica watch, for the longest time, have been producing large watches that many have considered to be fashionable and cool, and perhaps we feel that collectors who have a thing for large watches might be in for a treat today. 

For Baselworld 2016, Breitling have launched a few novelties, in which there are a few that have caught our attention. One of them is the highlight of today’s article: the uber-cool Breitling Avenger Hurricane replica watch

The attractive watch features an all-black case, with a black textile strap and black dial. We shall focus on the latter later, and dive straight into the case of the watch first. The masculine Breitling Avenger Hurricane replica watch, notably, is fitted with a 50mm case that is made with this material called the “Breitlight”. Its lightness is pretty apparent, especially when one puts this watch onto the wrist. 

The awesome Breitling Avenger Hurricane replica watch is fitted with a black dial. It is heavily inspired by the military/aviation, and it is apparent from the detail and the aesthetic. For instance, the dial features a 24-hour time display, which is according to the military standard.

In short, we think that this appreciated Breitling replica watch is a nice watch to own, if one feels that he or she can pull off a 50mm timepiece on their wrist.