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Show You The Ulysse Nardin Classico Rooster Men's Replica For Sale

Sunday 1 January 2017 will mark the first day of the year of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac. In a practice that’s starting to become something of a tradition in world of Swiss replica watches, a number of manufacturers have released High Quality Replica Watches to commemorate the dawning of the new zodiac year, as the monkeys of 2016 give way to the roosters of 2017.

Ulysse Nardin’s contribution comes in the form of the Classico Rooster, a limited edition replica watch of just 88 pieces. The rooster is renowned for crowing at the crack of dawn, so there couldn’t be a more appropriate animal to symbolise excellent timekeeping—but some might think that the humble farmyard bird isn’t the most graceful animal to decorate a replica watch. The Classico Rooster, however, certainly does an excellent job at making the rooster look both elegant and beautiful.

The replica watch’s enamel work was undertaken at Donzé Cadrans, an established company acquired by Ulysse Nardin Men's Replica in 2011 to specialise in the brand’s enamelling. The incredibly intricate dial features a champlevé rooster—an enamelling technique where delicate troughs are carved into the dial so that they can be filled with enamel. The rooster’s body is sumptuously decorated with blue and white within a gold outline, and of course, the animal’s distinctive crest is picked out in a vibrant red. The elegant tapered gold hands have a luminous coating, and the 40mm case complements the dial perfectly in elegant rose gold.

Inside the replica watch sits the COSC-certified in-house calibre UN-815 which beats at 28,800vph and offers a power reserve of 42 hours. The Ulysse Nardin Classico Rooster will be on display to get a close-up look at SIHH 2017

A Luxurious Version Of Tudor Heritage Advisor Men's Replica

I've got a bit of a thing for vintage-styled High Quality Replica Watches with two crowns; Longines' Legend Diver, IWC's Vintage Aquatimer, Jaeger-LeCoultre's Memovox and the oh-so-elegant Tudor Advisor are, to me, as close to wrist-worn nirvana as is possible. When Tudor men's replica revealed that they were going to produce a modern imagining of their 1957 original Advisor, I had high expectations—after all, the Heritage Chronograph and the more recent Heritage Black Bay both hit the mark.

The Advisor, both new and old, is an alarm replica watch. Tudor's modern Heritage Advisor bases its movement on the ETA 2892, with the addition of a few neat functions that make using the alarm surprisingly straightforward. Pressing the pusher at eight o'clock turns the alarm on, and a small window on the dial indicates its activation. A second crown at two o'clock is wound to power the alarm, whilst another useful indicator on the dial displays the power reserve of the alarm mainspring. The alarm time, indicated by the red hand, is set with the same crown. It's as simple as that. A cursory glance is all that's needed to know exactly what state the alarm is in, and the chime itself rings freely and is fairly pleasant, if perhaps not loud enough to be heard in a busy, outdoor environment.

In usual Tudor fare, the case is well finished and the dial is too. Detailing is spot on, with no cut-corners or budget-restrained materials as is expected for its nearly £4,000 RRP, particularly for a replica watch that bases its movement on an ETA. It doesn't feel quite up to the standards of its elder brother, Rolex, but then that's no surprise. For the additional complications and the price difference, it's about right.

It all sounds positive, and the sum of its parts should make for a great replica watch, but there's something amiss. The size, the weight, the design—it doesn't all gel properly and feels a little awkward for a replica watch that traces its roots back to stylish elegance and slender proportions. The heft of the case is not dissimilar to Tudor's other Heritage offerings, but in those instances a slice of sporty chunkiness is befitting, whereas here it stands out like an unwelcome guest.

The Heritage Advisor feels like it doesn't know what it wants to be; is it sporty, is it dressy, is simple, is it complicated—its messages are mixed. Granted, it does nothing drastically wrong and there is a lot to like, but when it comes to honouring a fifties classic, it falls just wide of the mark.

Take A Look At The Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls Men's Replica Watch

Peter Speake-Marin is a replica watchmaker worthy of admiration. Like most independent replica watchmakers, his eponymous brand is young. Founded in 2002, this means Speake-Marin Men's Replica, the brand, is just 15 years old. And yet, in the past decade and a half, the brand has successfully come up with an aesthetic that is undeniably theirs. The large, macho drilled lugs and that signature flamed-blue spade hour hand just scream Speake-Marin to those familiar with his work. The latest replica watch from Speake-Marin is called Crazy Skulls, and it lives up to the brand’s unmistakable reputation.

The Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls replica watch comes in a 42mm-wide Grade 5 titanium case, but with a platinum bezel and case back. Like all other Speake-Marin replica watches, the Crazy Skulls replica watch comes with the brand’s signature drilled lugs, which they call “Piccadilly Shoulders.” Apart from imparting a unique aesthetic to the replica watches, they also make strap changing easy. Water-resistance is only 30 meters, so stay clear of liquids.

The Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls replica watch is part of Speake-Marin’s more complicated and artistic Cabinet des Mystères collection, and as such, it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. If you look closely, you will see a slider at 8 o’clock. Yes, this replica watch is a minute repeater carillon. It has three hammers and three gongs and it is able to strike the time on demand.

But more impressively, when the minute repeater carillon is activated, the two aluminum skulls on the skeletonized dial will separate to reveal the 60-second tourbillon underneath. The tourbillon, as you would expect, features an immaculately hand-finished tourbillon cage. But that’s not all - look up at 12 o’clock and you will also see the large flame-blued 12 o’clock Roman numeral markers kind of... falling apart. Interestingly, this is the first time Speake-Marin has created a replica watch with a tourbillon, minute repeater, and an animated dial.

And once the chiming is complete, the two skulls will rejoin at 6 o’clock to conceal the tourbillon, and the 12 o’clock Roman numeral marker will reform itself. This isn’t just an exercise in frivolity. Look closely and you will see that the two skulls actually form a little heart in the middle. The activation of the minute repeater, therefore, signifies the separation of two lovers and the ending of the chime marks their reunion. All in all, the Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls replica watch is a quite a sight to behold and certainly makes the minute repeater complication, which is already a feat in and of itself, even more interesting and visually exciting to replica watch.

Limited Edition Watch Series:IWC Ingenieur Laureus Men's Replica

When IWC Men's Replica launched Ingenieur in 1954 and it was considered more as a tool watch than as a piece of haute horlogerie. Perhaps tool watch has a bit of a negative connotation, because nowadays this term is generally used for bigger and more rugged watches. The first Ingenieur was more seen as a ‘civilian’ version of the IWC Mark XI, one of the ancestors of the modern IWC pilot collection. Both watches had a soft-iron core around the movement, to protect negative influence from magnetism, however the Ingenieur was equipped with an automatic winding movement.

The photo shows the men's IWC Ingenieur Replica watch, which is in fact an Ingenieur Automatic from the Vintage Collection with a blue dial and a special engraved case back.

Also the size is different. The more modern Ingenieur measures 42 mm in diameter, while the vintage Ingenieurs had various diameters between 36.5 – 37.2 mm. Now-a-days this is considered small, but at that time the Ingenieur was actually a rather large for watch. This was due to the the soft iron casing.

Although the Ingenieur was a sort of a tool watch, it was produced for the civilian market and thus it was offered in a variety of ‘elegant’ dials in 18 carat gold en gold/steel cases. The IWC Ingenieur from the Vintage Collection resembles one of the first versions, reference 666A with the space between the double slash marker at the 12 o’clock position (photo above is borrowed from the IWC forum). Same, same, but a little different, because the vintage Ingenieur reference 666A does not have a date.This is already the fifth special edition IWC dedicated to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. A good reason to dig a bit deeper in the history of the IWC Ingenieur.

This week we start with a photo of an IWC Ingenieur Laureus watch replica, that was made by Dimer and immediately caught my attention.
IWC Ingenieur Laureus watch replica

For a very, very thorough history of the dial variations on vintage IWC Ingenieurs I can recommend to read the article by Larry Seiden, Marco Schönenberger and David ter Molen. By the way, did you know that the comes from the Swiss thunderbolt icon that warns of an electrical current’s presence? IWC has chosen the thunderbolt to represent the Ingenieur’s anti-magnetic abilities, because of its special soft iron shield construction to protect the best Swiss IWC watch replica against magnetic fields.