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A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Ballon Bleu Cartier Replica

The Cartier Ballon Bleu replica is one of the luxury replica watches that are made to look like jewelry. You may probably already know that Cartier first started as a jewelry brand. They are known for creating some of the most exquisite pieces. There’s nothing more adequate than a jewelry timepiece for a lady. That’s why I think that Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watches are an excellent choice for a woman. It’s elegant and unique. Even if Cartier is not quite as popular as Rolex or other watch brands, it’s worth being called a pioneer in watchmaking. The Maison of Cartier was the one that created the first wristwatch and to revolutionise the watchmaking design by creating timepieces with a rectangular dial. This is going to be a helpful review, especially if you want to see how time affects a Cartier Ballon Bleu Diamond bezel stainless steel replica.

If you too love high end replica Cartier watches, this Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu would make an amazing choice, no matter if you want it for yourself or to offer it as a gift. At a first look, I can say that this replica looks perfect. It’s identical to the original piece and, even if I tried, I couldn’t find any flaw. The dial is flawless, same as the diamond bezel. This watch features a patterned silver dial with elongated black Roman numerals and a minute track. The hands are slim and match the numerals and the other elements. Also, you can notice a calculated dissymmetry at 3 o’clock  in the minute track.  What I like about this design is that everything is balanced. Also, the iconic blue sapphire cabochon looks great on it.


This watch is made of stainless steel, and it features a bracelet made of curved links. It has a double deployant clasp with Cartier engraved on it, just like the original has. Also, there is “stainless steel” engraved on the sides, so, once again, nothing to object.

This one is a Swiss one, so it’s the closest you can get to the original, regarding movements and accuracy. The movements are automatic, so it gets its energy from movements. So, if you don’t want to bother with having to replace the battery, this Swiss Automatic version of the replica watch is a good choice. Since my friend had this watch for more than year and she wore if often, she had some time to notice its accuracy. As far as she has noticed, it keeps a good time and it’s accurate, as in it didn’t have noticeable time differences.  Also, the seconds’ hand has a nice sweeping motion. Of course, I would have preferred to be able to test it myself and see if there is any time loss for longer periods of time, but I couldn’t.

The Fold

If you’re into fake Cartier watches, I would really recommend you this one. It looks and works great. As you can see from these pictures, there is no difference between the original and this Ballon Bleu Cartier replica. It’s been a while since I could say that about a replica. The appearance is flawless, so don’t worry about anyone suspecting this is not authentic. Also, the movements work fine. I cannot guarantee it since I didn’t check it myself but it’s a Swiss quality watch, and this is the closest you get to an original model. Since I got my first Swiss watch, I could see the difference, and it probably is an accurate watch. If you want to get yourself a Ballon Bleu Cartier replica to wear often, I would recommend you the Swiss version. It costs more, but compare to what you’d pay for an original. It’s just a small compromise.

Cartier Ronde Croisiere Casual Replica Watch Reviewing

It is a comfortable and attractive watch that serves a lot of stylistic utility. However, there are some very odd design choices and instances where you feel Cartier is specifically trying to defend the more extensive detailing in their higher-priced watch offerings.

Cartier Mens Replica opted to go with skeletonized hands for the hours, minutes, and even a bit with the seconds hand. It is as though they chose the proper hands for the Cartier Ronde Croisiere dial, and then rather than include the expected luminant material, simply decided to skeletonize them. Even the round tip at the end of the seconds hand is skeletonized.

Skeletonized hands can look cool and also serve to let the watch wearer more easily see subdials or other information on the dial that hands might otherwise obstruct. On a time-only dial (with or without the date), there is no functional purpose to skeletonized hands.

Of course, the Cartier Ronde Croisiere isn't a dive replica watch either a dress watch. I would call it an elegant causal sport watch. To that end, the case is water resistant to 100 meters, and it comes on a nice black calfskin leather strap that has the visual look of canvas.

The replica Cartier Ronde Croisiere case is rather thin, at just 9.7mm thick and 42mm wide. The steel case has shorter lugs and is totally polished, making for a vintage-style look. The thin profile on the wrist makes it very comfortable, and the stubby lugs makes the 42mm wide size comfortable on most all wrists. I quite like the size and wrist presence of the Cartier Ronde Croisiere a lot – which is certainly a highlight of the piece.

The Cartier Ronde Croisiere is designed with a bezel that looks like a rotating diver's bezel but it is fixed. The steel bezel has an ADLC black coating in a matte finish to give it that distinct look. This works really well on the steel and gold model that adds some 18k pink gold-plated accents on the bezel and an 18k pink gold crown. Black spinel is used as the cabochon material in the crown, versus the more common blue sapphire crystal of many other Cartier replica watches. The crown is very much within the scope of Cartier design DNA.

Inside the Cartier Ronde Croisiere replica is the brand's popular and in-house made caliber 1874 MC automatic movement that operates at 4Hz and offers about 42 hours of power reserve. Given either the price or thin nature of the Cartier Ronde Croisiere replica, there isn't an exhibition caseback, which is a bit less common for watches with the 1847 MC movement.

Cheap and high quality Cartier Replica Roadster Watch hands on

The Cartier Roadster is a very unique designed watch inspired by the car racing ’50 and ’60 era. The whole collection does have that Cartier exclusive look and feel and this is what makes it so interesting and so popular. Of course, don’t get me going about the Cartier Roadster Chronograph price, let’s just say that not many people can actually afford a Cartier Roadster Chronograph and it’s not even one of their expensive designs. But hey, ultimately that’s what you get when getting a watch from a brand specializing in high end jewelry. 

This is the high quality replica watches Cartier Roadster collection from the Cartier website. As you can see they all have pretty much the same shape case and bracelet details. Also the dials look very simple, classy, stylish and very much alike creating quite a confusion if you’re not a good detail watcher. Wearing a Cartier Roadster will mean that you spend anywhere from 5k for a quartz movement to 32k on a still quartz movement but diamond encrusted watch, a pretty hard to swallow price range I’d have to say. I’m not sure you can actually get a Cartier Roadster automatic watch, as they stopped making these quite some time ago but don’t worry though, Cartier is well known for its ultra high end quartz movements. Luckily the rich and famous will not stop buying such pieces of jewelry and the regular people like me and you will always look for cheaper alternatives that will fit their pockets.

Being such a simple model the replica word is offering some well Cartier replica watches cloned pieces if you look well enough and in the right places. Watch out for the right numerals design, the crown shape, the case and bracelet shape as well and the date magnifier which is a trade mark for this model and looks like a teardrop. Any less will be a poor quality watch and if you pay more you might be overpaying actually. A good thing about this particular model is that you will not find a lot of Swiss models on it asking for ridiculous prices and delivering poor quality so there’s one more thing to worry less about