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A Elegant Timepiece Of Chopard L.U.C Engine One Men's Replica

This Chopard L.U.C Engine One replica watch was an aesthetic and technical success, because it was entirely built around its movement.
However, it had the flaw of its qualities: its price. A tourbillon is expensive, and very few amongst us could pretend to be able to afford the watch.

When you write during Baselworld 2012, you don’t have time for reading, and you sometimes have some very good surprises when you discover some steel fake Chopard L.U.C Engine One High Quality Replica Watches, as it was the case on Chopard’s booth. Unexpectedly, Chopard achieves an excellent show in a globally dull Baselworld 2012.

It is now done, with the LUC 8HF. The “HF” is not a reference to the Lancia Delta Integrale. Here, “HF” stands for “High Frequency”, and the “8” is a remainder of the 8Hz frequency.
But the watch probably borrows some of the spirit of the famous rally car, even if unconsciously.
It features angular and virile shapes, innovations and high performances, all of these actually fitted into a rather compact watch, actually.
In fact, it is almost surprising that, despite all the connections established between the brand and the automotive field, Chopard did not build the 8HF’s storytelling around this theme.

The main interest in this piece, is of course the technical solutions which make this 8Hz frequency achievable.
Most of the attempts at high frequencies usually remain in the realm of prototyping.
With these very expensive watches, produced in extremely limited edition, one remains in a research laboratory , where calibers are especially and only developed to reach the high frequencies.

Introducing The Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Replica Watch

Here’s another first among my High Quality Replica Watches photo reviews the Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono replica watch. Chopard replica watches and specially the men collection are not really that popular meaning that good quality and good clones will not be found easily. A friend of mine likes the Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono and he insisted to get one so he can see what are the options on this model in the replica Chopard watches world.

I eventually gave in and tried to get one of the best fake Chopard I could find so here it is. Glad to add a new brand to my blog this way and give you guys an insight on a new model.

Simple all stainless steel good looker I’d say straight off the bat. I’m not a huge Chopard fan and funny enough neither is my friend who bought this fake watch in the first place, so we’re both not 100% sure whether the all stainless steel version comes with a silver (stainless steel) face like this one or not. We do know that they make one with a black dial that looks so very close to this one and that they have a silver dial on a rubber band but that’s about it.

The all stainless steel starts around 7k and some of the rubber band ones which are not gold cases start at around 5k so this will be your price range for the original version of this baby. Overall the dial elements are well cloned, hands and numbers and markers look very very close to the original and so are the colors. Powered by an automatic self-winding Japanese movement time is kept well and precise and also you get a good seconds hand sweeping motion.

Two-tone brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet is solid, has a good grip on the wrist and the links are held together by pins. There’s a military hour small chronograph at 6 o’clock and the other two are just for show. Date is set slightly different than you’d guess by pushing the bottom right hand side button below the crown. Back case has the Migle Miglia map of some sorts and looks very much in tone with the overall sportiness of the watch.

Would have been more happy with a nicer clasp as this one is kinda generic and not showing much detail but that’s the only input on the improvement list I’d have here so far. My friend is satisfied with the quality and glad he followed through with the purchase so needless to say that so am I. Check out some more photos from different angles and give me your thoughts on this piece.