Show You The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Replica

This is either the weirdest or coolest Audemars Piguet replica watch around depends on your point of view. This is the $50,000 plus Royal Oak Offshore Survivor - a replica watch meant to look like it can survive the next 5 or so world wars - being worn by the heroes of battle. Conversely, this is the bad-ass replica watch that will help you in your fight against the Predator, or other such daring feats of Hollywood-esque escapades that you might encounter on a daily basis. At least you looking at the replica watch will make you feel as though can actually do these things. Otherwise it is just another well made replica watch. For the true experience, you'll want the fantasy that comes with it.

Only 1,000 of these High Quality Replica Watches was eve available and  they all sold out. One of them is available right now on though. The replica watch is a testament of what the people at Audemars Piguet are willing to do, and is a shining force of modern hand-craftsmanship. Inside the replica watch is a manufacture Calibre 3126/3840 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, with a long 60 hour power reserve. The movement is highly complex having 59 jewels.

The case it mostly blackened titanium while the grooved bezel is ceramic. Aside from the unique looking case with its cutout holes and grooved surfaces, the most striking visual features of the replica watch are the chronograph pusher protectors and the almost segmented hands that remind me of those almost cylindrical life preservers. It is one of those "I don't know if I like it, but I'd certainly wear it" type of replica watches. Know what I mean? Looking past all the decoration, the dial has has a tachymeter scale to be used with the chronograph, and the date. Despite everything that the replica watch has going on, it is still not too big at 42mm wide. Looking at it, you'd think it was 46-48mm, but that isn't the case (no pun intended!). 

Hands-On With Richard Mille RM 028 Diver In Red Gold Men's Replica Watch

Strangely enough, I had little trouble wrapping my head around cable-suspended movements, sophisticated tourbillons inexplicably worn during top-tier tennis matches, or wristreplica watches with mechanical G-force sensors, even. The Richard Mille RM 028 Diver Replica in red gold has, rather unexpectedly, become the first Richard Mille that I feel sticks out from the complex, but unique parallel universe that Richard Mille replica watches have carved out for themselves over the years.

If you want me to go on about the price and why these cost so much, you’ve come to the wrong place – these replica watches live in a niche that they themselves created. So, if anything, they have earned it. And if they weren’t where they are, another brand would delightfully take their place in a heartbeat. More to the point though, if you for a moment think that any replica watch priced over, say, a few thousand bucks isn’t a self-indulgent exercise in excessive spending, then I’ll call you naive at best; or a hypocrite at worst. However, once someone’s soul – and accountant – is prepared to spend $100k+ on a Richard Mille, I’m not quite sure why anyone would get this particular replica watch… Having worn the RM 028 in red gold for a few days has not convinced me otherwise and here’s why that is.

We’ll talk about positives soon enough, but I’ll cut to the chase and say that what defines Richard Mille replica watches, in my mind at least, after having seen and photographed several dozens of very different models and done long-term reviews on two rather unalike pieces, are the following basic principles: lightness, absolute wearing comfort, an inimitable aesthetic, and cutting edge execution. The Richard Mille RM 028 in red gold ticks only that latter category, in my book, but misses out on the others in comparison not to other replica watches, but to other Richard Mille replica watches specifically. Because, let’s face it, once you want an RM, the competition for your next purchase is shared between the brand’s replica watches only.

First, let’s talk weight. I kept adding “in red gold” to the replica watch’s full title above and I’ve done so precisely because it makes a world of a difference when compared to the RM 028 that is also available in lightweight titanium. In other words, this particular replica watch is laughably heavy as in it baffled – and amused – me greatly when I felt its ostentatious heft. I’d say close to 180 grams – but I could be wrong, and I’ll confess to not having my kitchen scale around yet once again. Having handled countless gold replica watches before (this one at 47mm wide and 14.60mm thick is rather large) it still dwarfs everything else I’ve handled this side of a replica watch in solid platinum with a platinum bracelet. It’s also a notable hint at the trustworthiness of the ever more often echoed rumors of hollowed out gold cases becoming an increasingly more common practice in this industry.

Because gold, when it’s solid and legit as it is here, is indeed heavy AF, and this replica watch with a titanium, partially skeletonized, merely 30.25 by 28.45mm wide and 4.33mm thick titanium (!) movement really gives you an idea of how much “all gold” cases should actually weigh. It’s genuinely ridiculous. “So wait, this replica watch having a proper, all gold, three-piece case is somehow a bad thing?” In this case I’ll say yes to that, because we are looking at a Richard Mille – not a Royal Oak. If you look at the overall direction of Richard Mille, the focus of their super high-end pieces on ultra lightweight has trickled down into less complicated replica watches like this RM 67-02, as being astoundingly light has become one of the trademarks of the brand.

As such, buying a gold Richard Mille, and especially one this outrageously heavy not only by RM standards but broader Swiss replica watch industry standards too is, in my mind, a lot like buying a Ferrari with solid gold body panels. Sure, the “added value” and easy recognition of gold will be there both in case of the Fezza as much as it is present with this RM 028. But when it comes to such brands with what is an unbeatable focus on performance, I simply don’t see the point in throwing all those achievements out the window for the sake of bling. Speaking of which, I’ll add that another specialty that Richard Mille replica watches share with but a few out there in this segment is the stealth element – meaning that, yes, everybody exposed to a 1%er lifestyle will recognize it, but at the same time it will fly under the radar of the plebs with ease… But this slab of gold does away with all of that.

With lightness out the window, the next thing is “absolute wearing comfort.” First things first: the Richard Mille RM 028 Diver in red gold is the most comfortable replica watch I’ve ever worn in this size and weight segment (47mm wide, 15mm thick). Frankly, the RM 028 handles its weight superbly – and, as I have said in previous Richard Mille hands-ons and reviews over the last several years, I cannot fathom why other luxury replica watchmakers (with triple the ego of RM) continue to struggle in this department so badly and so often, when a fresh brand can pull it off with such excellence. In my experience, wearing comfort in a replica watch is primarily defined by: weight, shape of lugs and caseback, integration and material of the strap, plus type and execution of the buckle. “That’s it?” Yeah, that’s all – and most all Richard Mille replica watches I’ve ever worn are a case study in great replica watch design. This brings me onto a side note here. There lies a little (rather never) talked about reason behind why some ultra high-end replica watches are seen more frequently worn and favored by their owners and why their apparent popularity is greater than their percentage-wise presence on the market. You guessed it right, it’s wearing comfort. I’d go out on a limb and say the average Richard Mille owner has more than a handful of other impressive replica watches in his collection (ladies arguably not so much given the pathetic selection of impressive ladies’ replica watches that the greater industry as a whole has to offer in comparison to what’s available to men… Richard Mille has been really pushing the envelope with ladies’ replica watches, but that discussion is for another time). And yet, it’s always the same low number of ultra high-end brands that we see worn in places with peak concentration of luxury replica watches – and again, that’s not because other fantastic-looking or exotic replica watches aren’t being purchased, but rather because they stay in the vaults either because they are anywhere from mildly to hideously uncomfortable to wear or because their value, unlike that of most replica watches by Richard Mille and a few other brands, drop yet more alarmingly had they seen a bit of wear. Value retention on RM replica watches is extremely good on the core pieces – but also on basically most all other references as well, apart from the square RM 016. If you disagree, I’d suggest shopping around on Chrono24 or wherever you see fit.

A Luxurious Version Of Urwerk UR-111C Replica Men's Watch

This Urwerk UR-111C replica watch from our favorite “optimistic futurist” Geneva-based brand. In their utopian future, everyone can afford the equivalent of over $100,000 per replica watch. I want to live in the Urwerk future. Part of that future includes wearing such nicely finished pieces of steel in smooth, yet technical shapes like the UR-111C. I’ve nicknamed it the “baby cobra” because it is the thematic follow-up to Urwerk’s previous UR-CC1 King Cobra replica watch. Both share a “linear” indication of time for the minutes controlled by a spinning cylinder behind a dial with a curved bright green line on it. When Urwerk announced the UR-111C (debuted on aBlogtoreplica watch here), they kept mentioning how happy they were with the compact size. I have to say that this is among the most wearable Urwerk replica watches ever – even though I don’t really think Urwerk Men's Replica is guilty of commonly making unwearable replica watches. Other brands are far more guilty of that. With that said, the UR-111C is 42mm wide, by 46mm long, and 15mm thick. It seems to wear smaller than its dimensions would otherwise imply. Urwerk will make the replica watch in two limited editions, both of which are in steel. This is the naturally-finished steel while there is also a darker gunmetal steel version of the UR-111C case as well. In typical Urwerk fashion, the case fit and finishing is excellent. In addition to looking nice, the case parts have excellent tolerances and all fit together very well. This is impressive given how custom everything needs to be and the rich diversity of shapes, finishes, and materials used all over the UR-111C replica watch case and movement. The rear lug structure, however, doesn’t articulate – even though it looks as though it is meant to. At this price, and with that design, I’d like to see some lug articulation action going on. My other complaint about the replica watch is legibility. There simply isn’t enough emphasis on indicating the hours in my opinion, and the side windows that indicate the hours on the left and the minutes (again) on the right use thin metal sheet applications on the inside of the sapphire crystal to create the look of dials/markers. These elements reflect too much light and make it hard to see where your eye needs to go. You could probably get used to it, but it is a detail that I think could use some better refinement in future versions of the replica watch. Minutes are indicated twice. First using the linear-style indicator in the center of the case, and then again in turning drum-style on the right flank of the replica watch. There isn’t any luminant paint used for the numbers or indicators – which is a shame since it would be really great to have those elements glowing on the UR-111C in the dark.

On the top of the UR-111C is a seconds indicator, unlike anything you have seen before. This is also the first time I’ve seen ulexite used in fine replica watchmaking. Some people might remember ulexite from when they were kids (it was often called TV rock or TV crystal). Placed over anything, it seemed to project the image underneath it on its surface. Two opposing discs spin like gear-teeth under the ulexite and the visual result is pretty cool. The view through the ulexite is understandably “milky,” but it makes for a neat visual – and isn’t that the point? I felt like the display system of the replica watch was a bit too much “style over substance” in the UR-111C. Other Urwerk replica watches have genuinely proven that you don’t need two hands spinning in a circle to effectively and quickly indicate the hours and minutes. The UR-111C is cool, and it is inspired, but it also doesn’t seem to help justify the sensation that this is a tool – even a fantasy tool. Other Urwerk models often feel like futuristic tool replica watches – and we love them for that. This is more designed to impress and present some novelty. I’m not sure Urwerk is really solving any legibility issues in this product. But with that said, the replica watch does have its fair share of excellent saving graces. The other real technical trick here is how you wind the replica watch – and this system is actually the most innovative thing about the replica watch. It just begs the question, is almost $150,000 worth a neat winding experience? The crown for the replica watch is actually a wide roller, which exists on the top of the steel case. You press your finger on it pushing back toward the rear of the case in order to wind it. When you pull out the lever on the right side of the case the roller-crown goes into the time-setting mode. It is cute how “set time” is printed in small letters on the metal lever. In my opinion, however, it takes just a bit too much torque to turn the roller in order to wind the replica watch. It still works as a fun fidget device, but I think the winding process would have been much more satisfying from a tactile perspective if it was at least 20% or so easier to turn. Gearing solutions inside of the case could have accomplished this. It would have reduced winding efficiency, but the replica watch movement is an automatic anyways – so isn’t the tactile experience a bit more important in a product such as this? In our above-linked debut article on the Urwerk UR-111C, Zen Love does an excellent job talking about more of the technical elements of the UR-111C such as details about the movement and how the replica watch is made. This hands-on review of the Urwerk UR-111C is more about how it feels and functions as a replica watch. I’m wearing it while I write this and I am impressed by its wearing comfort and style, but there are more than a few things I would like Urwerk to do differently the second time around. My final quip about the UR-111C is that the caseback is comparatively underwhelming for an Urwerk. No windows, no complications, no interesting design. For a brand so well-known for an enormous level of detailing and design all over their replica watches, the UR-111C caseback seems to be a study in minimalism. It does have some contrasting polished lines which merge with the lines on the top-side of the case, but I wonder who else feels that the UR-111C caseback is a bit of a missed opportunity. What, no turbines? Urwerk places the UR-111C on a brand-standard black tapering crocodile strap, which is buttery smooth and comfortable. It makes for a good look, but I also think that this replica watch would have really benefited from a custom bracelet. That isn’t likely, but Urwerk has done bracelets before, and they might do it again. Overall the Urwerk UC-111C will do well and is a satisfying new member of the brand’s larger product family. It isn’t, however, an instant classic and it isn’t my favorite Urwerk.

Raven Venture Dive Men's Replica Watch

I always consider it to be a rare and immensely valuable opportunity whenever I get the chance to connect with dedicated brand owners eager to show off their products. In fact, there’s nothing better than feeling the complete idea of a product finally “clicking” after witnessing the tenacity and perseverance of the individuals committed to developing something new – especially if we’re talking about micro-brands. This was really part of the experience shortly after meeting with Steve Laughlin of Raven replica watches for a chance to preview the Raven Venture Men' s Replica during an eventful day in Manhattan last fall. It’s a replica watch that, surprisingly, did absolutely nothing for me in photos. But, after learning about Laughlin’s vision for the replica watch, spending time with it, and discovering how far smaller brands can push the limits of fit and finishing, I became a fan of this burly dive replica watch chock-full of personality.

Raven has been there since the beginning of the micro-brand saga and this past year has really shown that Laughlin is eager to release as many models as possible while standing out in this crowded market. In a way, the Raven Venture Dive Replica was originally intended as a sort of 42mm successor to the Raven Trekker, which we reviewed last year. However, after realizing that several of the design traits wouldn’t necessarily translate well in a larger case, plans for a new collection were quickly drafted. The result is a replica watch that I feel would be ideal for not only value-conscious replica watch enthusiasts, but individuals that are curious about the hobby.


The Raven Venture’s heft is immediately apparent and much of this is due to the sturdy 42mm stainless steel case. This particular example is rendered in brushed 316L stainless steel, but Raven also offers a fully sand-blasted version that provides a more muted, almost titanium-like color tone. It’s also a very proud case, meaning that while it does not necessarily wear tall at 12.5mm thick (same thickness as a modern Rolex Submariner), its presence is surely felt. This isn’t one of those “under the cuff” replica watches, but it isn’t meant to be and the familiar case shape will be more than satisfying for anyone seeking an “adventure replica watch.”


Quite a few people will quickly recognize that the Raven Venture dial borrows a great deal of design inspiration from the Tudor Heritage Ranger. The characteristic 3, 6, 9 layout adorns a large portion of visual space while serving to enhance legibility. Raven also incorporated a similar snake head hour hand that’s well-proportioned in comparison to the simple minute hand. Both are of an adequate length and mix well with the bright orange spear tip seconds hand. At around 4:30 we also get a date window aperture. It personally didn’t bother me much and thankfully, Steve chose to work with a matching date wheel.

Another fun feature is the 12 o’clock hour marker, which almost reminds me of the “Big Triangle” Seamaster 300 models that have gained popularity in recent years. All the dial markings are sharp, well-executed, and easy to read thanks to the high contrast design approach. To match the feel of the bezel, the dial is also manufactured in a matte finish. However, odd bezel markings together with the random ’30’ at 6 o’clock can make it easy to lose track of elapsed time. In the future, I’d like to see Raven refine these bezel markings and perhaps even offer a few different inserts – like a 12-hour/second time zone option. Overall, the dial is satisfying to interact with and the Super-LumiNova applied throughout is a real treat.


A substantial replica watch like the Venture needs a substantial bracelet and this is one of the more interesting varieties I’ve seen in the micro-brand space. Each and every link is solid, brushed stainless steel and the end links themselves are solid as well. It delivers a premium feel that has really just led me to avoid changing straps altogether – I’d almost feel as if the replica watch would be incomplete without the bracelet. So while the 22mm lug width would work really well with a range of straps, I think the bracelet offers the best wearing experience and keeps the overall feel of the replica watch very balanced. For even more added comfort, Raven engineered a chunky clasp complete with a ratcheting dive extension.

The clasp is of the two-button variety with a positive action that feels completely secure when closed. It features a cool Raven logo and didn’t really pick up too many scratches during my review period. The clasp is however on the thicker side and I’m almost still amazed by how much it sticks out from under the wrist. While this could be due to the built-in ratcheting mechanism, I’m sure there could be a way to address the issue in future models. Really, unless I was typing away at my desk, I didn’t notice it. But, if you’re the type to avoid as much bulk as possible, this may be a replica watch to stay away from. That said, the bracelet does also have a nice taper to its design and this was very helpful when the replica watch was strapped to my 7.25″ wrist.


The Raven Venture, I believe, is one of the first models from Raven to feature the ETA-2824 automatic movement. I’m sure it’s a pretty sleep-inducing option for more than a few replica watch nuts, but once again, I think it’s perfect for those seeking accessibility. Besides, the whole “Swiss-made” thing isn’t even paraded on the dial and for the price, I think this feature adds a ton of value. This really is a low maintenance replica watch, but one that is actually worth servicing and maintaining for a lifetime.

The example I was entrusted with only lost a few seconds per day and everything was smooth to operate via the nice, grippy crown. Much like any other standard ETA, the movement operates at 28,800 bph, has a 40-hour power reserve, and is capable of hacking and hand-winding. A solid, screw-down caseback keeps it all hidden and completes the package. To my knowledge, Raven also regulates and inspects these in-house, but it’s unclear if the practice is carried on for the rest of their models.

Hands-On With Rado True Open Heart Automatic Replica Watch

Following true to their style, Rado Men's replica has released another fully ceramic replica watch to add to their “True Collection.” The True collection has been a part of Rado’s lineup since 2007, and its signature has been the replica watch’s fully ceramic construction (minus the sapphire crystal). This latest addition, the Rado True Open Heart Automatic, is no exception and features a skeletonized open heart style dial to glimpse at the movement beating inside. This Rado True Open Heart Replica features a case that is 40mm in diameter, 10.4mm thick, and with a lug-to-lug length of 47.3mm, which suggests it will wear nicely – not too big, not too small. The entire case and bracelet, with the exception of the titanium caseback, are formed out of polished ceramic, which is available in three colors: black, silver, and brown. To go along with the case finishes, the dial is available in black with rose gold indices, black with rhodium indices, or brown with rose gold indices respectively. Powering the True Open Heart is the ETA C07.631, a movement based on the ETA 2824 series. This movement is an automatic three hand movement with 25 jewels, and a power reserve of 80 hours.

From a technical, academic perspective, this replica watch piques my horological nerdery. Rado has an extensive history of utilizing ceramic in interesting ways, dating back to their releases of “scratch resistant” ceramic replica watches, which on paper, sounds cool. However, at first glance I know it would not find a place on my wrist, ever. I stay towards the tool replica watch end of the spectrum, which we’ve seen Rado enter in the past couple years with their heritage inspired dive replica watches like the Captain Cook. replica watches like this True Open heart, which make up the bulk of Rado’s lineup, are strange to me. The full ceramic construction is cool, and I’m sure it gives the entire replica watch a nice shine in person, but the open heart style dial combined with the shine of the ceramic makes this replica watch entirely too flashy and dressy for my taste. Rado saw a lot of media attention with the release of the Captain Cook, and I hope that they’ll start to release more replica watches of a similar vein.

To add to their extensive line of fully ceramic replica watches, Rado has released the new True Open Heart Automatic, which features an ETA based movement and 80-hour power reserve. The highly polished and dressy design is not a fit for my taste. However, Rado clearly has an audience for it as they’ve been pursuing this design language for decades.

Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow Men's Replica Watch

This is an exclusive first look at a new Breitling limited edition version of the Breitling Avenger Seawolf dive-style replica watch called the Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow. There isn’t too much different here compared to the standard Avenger Seawolf aside from the black-coated steel case and yellow accents, but the design certainly his a sweet spot mixing military style with serious diver functionality. Breitling replica watch lovers will also recognize that the Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow is a modern three-hand version of the popular older limited edition Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel Chronograph replica watch (pictured below).

The Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow is 45mm wide and is water resistant to 3,000 meters. Not that you’ll ever need to dive that deep, but Breitling Men's Replica likes to give you the option (but even James Bond won’t be going anywhere close to that depth without being in a machine). This style of replica watch is quite different than that majority of highly polished steel Breitling replica watches that you typically see. The all brushed, all black case has a tactical look that when combined with the stencil-style numerals gives the replica watch a very military/special ops feel. Breitling throws in a hint of yellow for needed style. The design is very satisfying as a fashion or functional object.

As a diver the Avenger Seawolf has a rotating diver’s bezel and lots of lume on the hands and hour markers. The dial is extremely easy to read, but fully detailed with markings. Breitling calls the dial color “Volcano Black.” Inside the replica watch is Breitling’s caliber 17 movement which is a high-grade decorated and polished Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic that is regulated and has been COSC Chronometer certified.

The Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow replica watch is available with two rubber strap options. First is the popular Breitling Diver Pro II strap with a buckle, and second is the Ocean Racer strap with deployant clasp. The latter is has little portholes and is going to be more desirable as it comes with the fantastic deployant – both again are rubber.

Let Us Review The IWC Vintage Ingenieur Automatic Men's Replica

Back in 2008 IWC released a collection called “Vintage” which was a bit of a misnomer. It was the beginning of the serious retro replica watch craze and IWC released a collection of stunning vintage themed versions of their contemporary collection. The kick was that each of the pieces actually did have a real history. So it was new IWC replica watches based on l vintage replica watches, but not 1:1 design reproductions of those replica watches. These were cool and an IWC Vintage Ingenieur Repilca was part of the collection. I felt that putting “Vintage” in the name could make some people think that they were actual antique replica watches.

As I understand it, the Ingenieur replica watch was IWC’s answer to Rolex’s Milgauss replica watch collection – for scientists and engineers. Those utilitarian ideals are sort of lost as it is a luxury replica watch today, but the piece is still as handsome as ever. While dressy by today’s standards it has a distinct masculinity to it. It is a dad’s replica watch. Not a dad of today’s replica watch, but a dad of yesterday. It is sober while effective, and attractive without being the least bit dandy. This replica watch looks good in a board room or while bowling. In brown, it looks just as nice as the steel and black model from 2008.

The Vintage Ingenieur replica watch is 42.5mm wide in steel with carefully mixed polished and brushed surfaces on the case. The prominent lume-coated dauphine hands mix well with the applied hour indicators. Lume dot auxillary hour markers help round-out the dial. While the dial does of course have lume, by today’s standards it isn’t going to be as bright as say a dive replica watch given the modest amount of SuperLumiNova placed on the dial.

Inside the IWC Vintage Ingenieur is an IWC made caliber 8011 automatic movement that was released in the mid 1990s. It has the brand’s Pellaton winding system and is a great looking movement. What I like a lot about many of IWC’s in-house movements are that they are intended to be large and fill up the entire caseback. As such, the caliber 8011 automatic is visible through the caseback of the replica watch.

Take A Look At The Zenith Academy Minute Repeater Chronograph Men's Replica Watch

The Academy collection from Zenith Men's Replica is back with more, introducing this new Academy El Primero Minute Repeater Chronograph. This is a very high-end and exclusive version of the Zenith Elite design family which the model lives in. This isn’t the first Zenith minute repeater, but they aren’t common for the brand. For the right high-end collectors, this could be a very special timepiece.

Zenith is mostly known as an in-house movement maker and producer of the famous El Primero family of high beat automatic movements that operate at 5 Hertz (36,000 beats per hour). The El Primero is a base for most of their chronographs and is also the base for a chronograph with a minute repeater in this very uncommon Caliber 4043 El Primero movement that I recall from a rare model back in 2009. The 4043 caliber is back in a much more attractive piece that gives new life to the movement and theme.

What I like about the 461 part caliber 4043 movement is its practicality and beauty. It is also a fully integrated movement that seamlessly combines time, 30 minute chronograph, and minute repeater functions. It also features an admirable 50 hours of power reserve and is an automatic. Look how beautiful it is as well. It is truly an exceptionally designed and finished movement fitting for the Zenith El Primero name. There is just a slight amount of skeletonization in the 2012 Zenith Academy Minute Repeater Chronograph Watch model around where you can view the minute repeater hammers through the dial of the replica watch. The 2009 piece with the 4043 movement was a bit more strange looking with more extensive dial skeletonization.

It is easy to love the silvered guilloche engraved dial on the face of the replica watch. On the face are also 18k rose gold hands and Roman numeral hour markers. The chronograph and subsidiary seconds dials don’t really intrude on the hour markers as much as you’d think they might. I personally quite like minute repeaters with visible hammer and gong displays on the dial This piece does that well, but also preserves legibility for both the time and chronograph functions.

The Zenith Academy Minute Repeater Chronograph is actually a rather large timepiece. The case is 45mm wide in 18k rose gold and it is almost 17mm thick. That should however lead to a lot of space in the case for the gongs as well as air space for sound to reverberate. I have a feeling the minute repeater sounds lovely in this replica watch.

Hands-On With Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Men's Replica Watches

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Replica Watch is one of the new models that Omega presents at the Basel show.

Equipped with the Co-Axial calibre 8605/8615, the new timepiece is the first of Omega's proprietary movements to be equipped with a GMT complication. The mechanism is visible through the sapphire-crystal used for the caseback.

The 43 mm case of the Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT is available in red gold, stainless steel or in a red gold/stainless steel bicolor version. The replica watch is offered with a bracelet in the same metal as the replica watch case or with a black, brown or blue leather strap.

The dial is distinguished by the teak pattern associated with the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica collection. The vertical lines are reminiscent of the wooden decks on luxury boats. The applied indexes and the hands are coated with white Super-LumiNova which allows ease of reading in all light conditions. The GMT hand's red arrow makes it easy to distinguish the two time zones.

Thanks to the reduced friction of the Co-Axial escapement and the almost no need for lubrication, the Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT is delivered with a four-year warranty.

The GMT hand can also be used for compass orientation: when the replica watch is held parallel to the ground with its hour hand pointed in the direction of the sun, the GMT hand, when it is adjusted to the same time on the 24-hour GMT display, will indicate north in the northern hemisphere.

Richard Mille RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman Replica Ladies Watches

Though known for its super high-end, sporty-looking timepieces that are high-performance and technically-driven, luxury replica watch manufacturer Richard Mille has entered the haute joaillerie replica watchmaking space with the women’s RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman Replica. 10 versions of the RM 71-01 have been designed, limited to only five made of each design.

“We are known for our incredibly technical, high-performance replica watches that draw inspiration from the automotive and aeronautics industries, even though women’s replica watches have represented a considerable percentage of our sales for several years now,” stated Richard Mille. “That said, we needed a modern, creative and talented young woman to inject new energy into our status quo and take the women’s collection to new heights. It was Cécile Guenat, the daughter of my friend and business partner Dominique, who met this challenge by overcoming technical obstacles, freeing herself from consensus and establishing a unique and resolutely contemporary style.”

With a background in high-end jewelry, Cécile—now Ladies’ Collection Director—was inspired by a bevy of different artistic styles, including Art Deco, Bauhaus and even African. “My work is the fruit of very different influences, sometimes unexpected or improbable,” the young creator began. “I had an idea of what I wanted from the start and I designed a moodboard from my drawings and image searches, because anything that pops into my head can be of interest.” She also emphasized the skeleton movement in the case setting and engraving. With three years of development, her 10, innovative designs of course, incorporate the technical elements that Richard Mille has become so well-known for. It uses the first ever tourbillon movement crafted in-house—the Calibre CRMT1—as well as a new, slim, automatic mechanism that is both incredibly light in weight and high performance, combining diamonds, mother-of-pearl, black sapphires and onyx. Visually speaking, the 71-01 is an eye-catching stunner. And just as its name suggest, we’re certain that the 50 lucky buyers of the replica watch—will enjoy the good luck that each of these highly coveted, magical timepieces will bring.