Presenting The Arnold & Son Tes Skeletonised Tourbillon 44mm Replica Watch

As the name suggests, the main focus of the new Arnold & Son TES Tourbillon Replica is, well, the tourbillon. Now for some that statement will no doubt induce a degree of eye-rolling and a certain sense of “here we go again” and to be fair it’s not a completely unjustified reaction.

Although still a wonderfully delicate mechanism, it is probably fair to say that connoisseurs have begun to suffer from tourbillon-exhaustion over the last decade or so, with every replica watchmaker under the sun scrambling to incorporate at least one into their latest designs. What differentiates the TES Tourbillon though, in my opinion at least, is its execution.

As you can see, the overall design and construction of replica watch is exceedingly simple (relatively speaking, of course!) The time-only display is about as minimalist as they come, whilst the three-dimensional open-worked dial showcases elements of the manually wound, in-house A&S8100 movement without being overpowering. This is especially accentuated by a traditional wave-shaped barrel bridge crafted from sapphire, which allows for a maximum view of the open-worked barrel and wheels.

Triangular, skeletonised tourbillon and motion-work bridges meanwhile give the design a delightfully modern feel, which contrasts nicely with the more traditional decoration of the anthracite main plate, which is reminiscent of an old guilloché pattern found on the cases of antique Arnold & Son pocket replica watches. Best of all the main plate is also skeletonised around the barrel and the tourbillon carriage, which means you can hold the replica watch up to the light and look right through the movement.

What is perhaps most striking though is the symmetry of the movement in its entirety. This is even more pronounced when you look at the replica watch from behind and can clearly see that the barrel spring and the tourbillon cage are centred along the replica watch’s longitudinal axis. It’s so stunning in its simplicity that you can’t help but stare.

The TES Tourbillon will be produced in a limited edition of 28 pieces, in a 44 mm 18-carat red gold case with a NAC grey main plate, a sapphire barrel bridge and rose gold treated bridges, individually numbered and engraved.